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FabriClear Ingredients | Are They Safe?

I can’t say enough about how much money this effective pest killer saved me when I found my furniture and cars infested with bed bugs. I was amazed how quickly my bug problem cleared up and so I was intrigued what the FabriClear ingredients are that make it so effective.

I really was at my wits end to get rid of this major problem everyone in my family was facing. I had heard horror stories of flea or lice infestations and how horribly long it took to get rid of them. I was also discouraged when I heard that bugs similar to bed bugs can’t be killed until they are out of the larvae.

I’m still so grateful that my neighbor had mercy on me and let me use her bottle of FabriClear. It didn’t take long for me to notice a huge difference. I was quite surprised how effective it was. FabriClear is something that I always want to have on hand, not just for the bed bugs, but for the mites and other nasty critters we can’t see that live in fabric. I have since ordered several bottles from the Official FabriClear Website.

I didn’t care what it needed to take to get rid of these bed bugs, I just wanted them gone. The deal I got online was the best I had ever seen. I got two 16 oz bottles and two travel size bottles for the price of one. I was a little anxious for it to arrive in the mail because I couldn’t purchase FabriClear in stores. I remember the day FabriClear arrived. I went to work, knowing that I would finally be getting rid of the bed bugs for good.

I used FabriClear on all the furniture and fabrics in my home to ensure I was killing the bug itself, the larvae, and the eggs. Nobody in my family experienced any kind of allergic reactions or skin issues. This was very reassuring because I didn’t want to make the rashes and itching worse. The problem cleared up in a matter of days and our life was back to normal again.

The FabriClear ingredients are: Geraniol, Peppermint Oil, Soybean Oil, Citric Acid, Water, Polyglyceryl oleate and Glyceryl dicaprylate. I had used essential oils and am a reader of labels on everything that I use and have in my house. I was very familiar with all of the FabriClear ingredients and was pleasantly surprised by how natural the ingredients were. I am glad bugs and infestations can still be treated effectively with organic natural elements.

I highly recommend this bed bug spray.  I know I never thought I would ever have a problem with this pesky bug, but now that I have I am spreading the good word of FabriClear.  It works! Again I am in awe as to how effective it was and how quickly the problem was cleared up with the natural based FabriClear ingredients.

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