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FabriClear Reviews | Does It Work?

Welcome to my FabriClear Reviews site, my name is Laura. I created this FabriClear Reviews site to get the word out about FabriClear and its effectiveness on ridding homes of Bed Bugs.

My husband and I just moved to central Texas with our three children. We quickly learned that Texas has a lot of bugs, which has been quite the adjustment from our previous home in Washington state. It wasn’t long before we signed on with a pest control company to keep the bugs down to a minimum. We thought it was one of the best investments we’ve made since arriving in Texas.

A few weeks after school began for my oldest daughter my children began waking up with red splotches on their arms and legs. My oldest daughter complained about feeling itchy all over. I noticed that my two younger children where scratching at their red splotches also. Just a few days later my husband and I found ourselves scratching our arms and legs.

We had no idea what the source was. I began to wonder if we were reacting to the brand of laundry detergent I had just switched to, but the rashes didn’t go away after returning back to our previous brand. In fact, the rashes seemed to get worse.

I called the pest control company to have them come and retreat my home in hopes that an extra barrier of treatment would take care of any bugs we may have had in our home and prevent any from coming in. I was using the process of elimination to try and figure out what was going on.

It wasn’t until I was talking with my neighbor, who has a son in the same class as my daughter at school, that I learned her family had been experience the same thing as my family and that her son got the red splotches and rashes first. It wasn’t long before we realized that our children had somehow brought either bed bugs or bed bug eggs home with them from school. It was almost like a mini epidemic; several other children were found to have the same signs and symptoms.

I immediately called my pest control company, but was told that treating for bed bugs was a separate cost. The price depends on the square footage of my home because the entire house needs to be treated, not just the bedrooms. The quote came to over $2000! I started looking for anything I could do myself or anything that was less expensive – a lot less expensive.

I stripped the beds and washed everything that would go in a washing machine and steam vacuumed the entire house and all the furniture. There was an improvement and so I thought I had gotten rid of the nasty bed bugs, but every few days I would find new bites. When my neighbor saw me hauling my linens to the trash can she stopped me and educated me a few things about bed bugs and how to get rid of them effectively.

Bed bugs don’t live in sheets, linens, or cloth. They find their homes in bedside clutter, holes in bed frames or other type of furniture, and sometimes vehicles – wherever they can find a host to live off of. Their eggs are commonly found in the same areas or on fabrics. Washing everything was effective, which was why I saw a decline in the bites but it wasn’t getting rid of them from the source.

My neighbor then introduced me to the FabriClear Bed Bug Spray, which is what she used to get rid of all of the bed bugs in her home. She told me that it was safe to use on practically everything. It is a non-toxic solution which also makes it safe for my family as well.

She let me borrow the last of what she had left, which was only enough to spray down two of my children’s bed and then directed me to the Official FabriClear Website because FabriClear isn’t sold in stores. I initially thought that I would be paying an arm and a leg for FabriClear so I was very relieved and happy to find that they were running a Buy One Get One FREE special offer. For only $19.95 I could get 2 16oz bottles of FabriClear and 2 2oz travel size bottles with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I immediately ordered a double supply of my own to make sure I had enough to treat my home and enough on hand to protect against the bed bugs. I was impressed that FabriClear not only kills those disgusting bed bugs but it also kills dust mites, eggs, larvae, and more.

I couldn’t believe that the day after I had used FabriClear none of us had any new bites, rashes, or red splotches! I was so excited but much more relieved than anything else. After a long battle I was successfully able to get rid of the bed bugs, their eggs, and other gross things that I get the shivers thinking about.

If it wasn’t for FabriClear, I would have had to either pay over $2000 for a pest control company to get rid of them or co-habitat with the bed bugs. Thank goodness for FabriClear! I can’t say that enough.

Having bed bugs is one of the hardest bugs to get rid of due to their ability to fit and live in very small crevices. Since you can’t find FabriClear in stores I want to help others avoid having the same miserable experience my neighbor and I had. I hope this FabriClear Reviews site can help offer the education and solution to the bed bug problem.

FabriClear really does work. It is the least expensive and most effective solution that I found and used to rid my entire home of bed bugs. I highly recommend FabriClear whether you have bed bugs or not. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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FabriClear Scam

FabriClear Scam | Don’t Be Fooled

When I was ordering my bottle of FabriClear spray to treat my bed bug infestation I saw a lot of comments from others that were skeptical of the product and the effectiveness of the FabriClear ingredients. I want to reassure anyone who has concerns the FabriClear scam is false. It really does treat and kill bed bug infestations.  How do I know this?  I have experienced it first hand and know for myself the powerful results of using this natural based ingredient product.

For as long as bugs have lived on this land, there have been the resources from the land used to treat almost every infestation; bed bugs being one of those kinds of infestations.

The truth is that FabriClear also kills other bugs as well with no irritation to the customers because it is completely natural.  I am glad it only cost me $27.95 compared to over $2000.00 to treat a bed bug infestation.

I am happy that I have killed other intruders in the cleansing of everything in my house. I knew what I was paying and also what results I was promised when I purchased the FabriClear spray. I am a clean and orderly person and was horrified that these intruders came in.  I have learned no one is exempt from bug infestations.

So next time you are concerned about the effectiveness of a cleaner or bug spray, the question to ask is how processed are the elements of nature being used. There are many pest control companies out there who make a substantial living off of going to customers houses to kill bugs everyone can kill on their own. I would prefer that money go to improving the health of my family instead of subjecting them to harsh chemicals on a regular unnecessary basis that can cause long term problems.

With that being said, I am glad my neighbor was willing to share something that really worked and also happened to be naturally based and just as effective so my life could go back to normal as quickly as possible. Our society is going back to healthy organic and natural products. I am joining the others in this quest. I am more prone to purchase something that will not poison or hinder my long term health. I want it to work, but I also want it to be safe for my family.

If you have any questions or concerns about FabriClear being a scam, research the ingredients yourself. I have done an extensive search on all the FabriClear ingredients and the effectiveness of each.  In a previous article I have written, I have included the FabriClear MSDS as a courtesy. The Official FabriClear Website is also a great place to have concerns met and questions answered. There is a 30 day money back guarantee included.  When I thought about it, I had nothing to lose except bed bugs.

I did lose the bed bugs and I also gained confidence in the effectiveness of FabriClear.  Is FabriClear a scam? No.  But the only way to find out is to do your homework and order yours today.

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Try FabriClear Risk-Free

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FabriClear Ingredients

FabriClear Ingredients | Are They Safe?

I can’t say enough about how much money this effective pest killer saved me when I found my furniture and cars infested with bed bugs. I was amazed how quickly my bug problem cleared up and so I was intrigued what the FabriClear ingredients are that make it so effective.

I really was at my wits end to get rid of this major problem everyone in my family was facing. I had heard horror stories of flea or lice infestations and how horribly long it took to get rid of them. I was also discouraged when I heard that bugs similar to bed bugs can’t be killed until they are out of the larvae.

I’m still so grateful that my neighbor had mercy on me and let me use her bottle of FabriClear. It didn’t take long for me to notice a huge difference. I was quite surprised how effective it was. FabriClear is something that I always want to have on hand, not just for the bed bugs, but for the mites and other nasty critters we can’t see that live in fabric. I have since ordered several bottles from the Official FabriClear Website.

I didn’t care what it needed to take to get rid of these bed bugs, I just wanted them gone. The deal I got online was the best I had ever seen. I got two 16 oz bottles and two travel size bottles for the price of one. I was a little anxious for it to arrive in the mail because I couldn’t purchase FabriClear in stores. I remember the day FabriClear arrived. I went to work, knowing that I would finally be getting rid of the bed bugs for good.

I used FabriClear on all the furniture and fabrics in my home to ensure I was killing the bug itself, the larvae, and the eggs. Nobody in my family experienced any kind of allergic reactions or skin issues. This was very reassuring because I didn’t want to make the rashes and itching worse. The problem cleared up in a matter of days and our life was back to normal again.

The FabriClear ingredients are: Geraniol, Peppermint Oil, Soybean Oil, Citric Acid, Water, Polyglyceryl oleate and Glyceryl dicaprylate. I had used essential oils and am a reader of labels on everything that I use and have in my house. I was very familiar with all of the FabriClear ingredients and was pleasantly surprised by how natural the ingredients were. I am glad bugs and infestations can still be treated effectively with organic natural elements.

I highly recommend this bed bug spray.  I know I never thought I would ever have a problem with this pesky bug, but now that I have I am spreading the good word of FabriClear.  It works! Again I am in awe as to how effective it was and how quickly the problem was cleared up with the natural based FabriClear ingredients.

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Try FabriClear Risk-Free

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FabriClear Effectiveness

FabriClear Effectiveness | How Well Does It Work?

I was pretty desperate to try anything when I realized that bed bugs had hitched a ride home with my daughter from school and that it would cost over $2000 dollars to have my home professionally treated by our pest control company. I found and tried a lot of “home remedies” to get rid of bed bugs but nothing seemed to be working. I questioned the FabriClear effectiveness when my neighbor brought it over for me to use. Would it end up like every other attempt – a dead end?

I did my research and that is when I learned how to use FabriClear effectively. I researched anything and everything I could on bed bugs; where they come from, how they can infest homes, hospitals, etc., how and where they feed, their reproduction and life cycle, and where to detect them.

The most important information that I learned about bed bugs was where they made their homes and their reproduction or how they had babies. This information helped me know where to look for them in my home and more importantly where to treat for them.

I was grateful that I did this research before I used the last of my neighbor’s FabriClear. It was because of this research that I was able that last bit of FabriClear effectively. There was only enough for two beds but I wasn’t spraying FabriClear aimlessly. I was very specific in where I treated.

My two younger kids whose beds I treated showed a temporarily improvement in their bites and rashes from the bed bugs, while my oldest child, husband and I continued to find new bites. Because I wasn’t able to treat my whole home effectively, my two youngest children started getting bites again after a while, but that was expected because the problem had not been taken care of completely. I was impressed with how well the FabriClear worked and was convinced it was the solution to our bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs like to find and make their homes in small crevices in the bed frame and/or nightstand. They will also make their home in bedside clutter that isn’t moved around a lot. They like to set up camp near their host so it is easier for them to find and feed on them during the night.

Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal but have also been known to feed on their host during the day without being detected. They lay their eggs near where they have made their home or in the seams of linens or clothes.

Bed bugs aren’t deadly, even on infants, but they do cause skin rashes that itch, allergic reactions, and psychological effects. None of these are things that I want my kids to experience in the least bit. It was crucial that I found a product that was completely effective.

When I ordered FabriClear from the Official FabriClear Website there was no doubt in my mind that FabriClear is the most effective product on the market. It is affordable, it is safe, it is non-toxic, and it will give you peace of mind. Take advantage of the special offer before it ends.

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FabriClear Complaints

FabriClear Complaints | What You Need to Know

I was able to experience FabriClear a little before I ordered my own from the Official FabriClear Website. I didn’t take the time to research FabriClear thoroughly before I used my neighbor’s bottle up on two of children’s beds. I trusted my neighbor, but I like to find out for myself what I am really using because advertising can be misleading. I wanted to research the FabriClear MSDS, FabriClear reviews, and any FabriClear complaints.

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a wonderful FabriClear MSDS report and the FabriClear reviews I found supported the report; all were positive and highly recommended FabriClear. There were some FabriClear complaints mixed in with the 5 star reviews. There wasn’t anything alarming that I needed to be concerned of. I’ve actually already addressed them in my previous FabriClear review articles but I’ll clearly specify them here:


Due to the unavailability and convenience of FabriClear in stores there is a period of time that customers have to wait for their FabriClear order to arrive at their home. It’s no different than ordering anything else from the Internet, but I understand the wait. It is trying and very stressful when trying to get rid of the bed bugs.

Let me assure you though that the wait is worth it. It might be a little inconvenient for a little while, but you will be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars by waiting for FabriClear to show up at your home than have a pest control or another professional company come out to treat. You also don’t know what kind of chemicals they are using to get rid of the bed bugs.


In my FabriClear In Stores article I talk extensively about the availability of FabriClear. In case you haven’t read that article, FabriClear is not available in stores at this time. It will probably show up in stores but there hasn’t been any indication of when that might be.

Finding FabriClear in stores would be really convenient so you wouldn’t have to wait for shipping, especially while trying to get rid of bed bugs. On the other hand, purchasing FabriClear from the Official FabriClear Website allows you to get twice the amount for half the cost with their special offer that they are running right now. Also, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee that you won’t find in stores.

There are pros and cons to having FabriClear only available online, but for the time being it is worth your time, money, and health to get FabriClear online.

Those were the only two FabriClear complaints that I came across, which are obvious and legitimate concerns. Aside from these two FabriClear complaints, all of the FabriClear reviews that I read were nothing but positive. FabriClear had worked for everybody and it worked fast. We saw an elimination of new bites after the first night of using FabriClear. I know use FabriClear as a preventative and protection against the bed bugs.

If you have bed bugs, have had bed bugs, or don’t ever want to get bed bugs I add my FabriClear review to the rest and highly recommend FabriClear to everybody. It’s a safe, effective, and affordable.

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FabriClear In Stores

FabriClear In Stores | Where to Buy

In my FabriClear Reviews article I mentioned that you can’t find FabriClear in stores. This might seem like a big inconvenience to most people; I initially did. Believe it or not, it ends up being to your benefit that you can’t find FabriClear in stores.

It was really frustrating for me to have not have FabriClear in stores for purchase because I was experiencing a bed bug problem and wanted to treat immediately. I was fortunate that my neighbor shared what she had left, even though it didn’t cover everything it still helped. Waiting for FabriClear to arrive in the mail while trying to avoid getting bitten at night from bed bugs is definitely a trial of patience, but let me be the first to tell you that it is worth it.

When purchasing from the Official FabriClear Website you can take advantage of the Buy One Get One FREE Special Offer that they are offering for a limited time. If you could purchase FabriClear in stores you wouldn’t have that special offer. End the end you would be paying double for the same amount of product if you bought FabriClear in stores.

You get 2 16oz bottles of FabriClear, plus 2 2oz travel size FabriClear for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. If FabriClear was available in stores you would be paying $19.95 for 1 16oz bottle and 1 2oz travel size bottle. It took me 1 ½ bottles to treat my entire home. If I had purchased FabriClear from a store I would have had to spend nearly $40 for two bottles. It is worth your time and money to order from the Official FabriClear Website so you can get twice as much for half the cost.

Also, when you purchase FabriClear from the Official FabriClear Website your order automatically comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, even if you use the whole bottle, you can send it back for a full refund. The chances of getting a full refund when returning an empty bottle to a store is pretty slim, even at Wal-Mart.

The best way to get a handle on the bed bugs while you wait a few days for FabriClear to show up in the mail is to find a room in the house that has had the least likelihood of having bed bugs and camp out there. Bed bugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide. Since they are mostly nocturnal they will hang out in the hiding spots during the day until night when it’s easiest for them to find a host by detecting their heat and carbon dioxide. Close the doors of the bedrooms and place a towel to block the space between the bottom of the door and the carpet. This will help contain them and help you and your family to feel some peace of mind while sleeping.

Don’t waste any more time. The FabriClear Special Offer is only for a limited time. Get your FabriClear order in before it ends and before you have to pay double for FabriClear in stores.

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FabriClear MSDS

FabriClear MSDS | Is It Safe?

Like many products that use chemicals the question always arises, “Is it safe?” I had the exact same question when I was introduced to FabriClear Bed Bug Spray. With a little research I quickly found out what the FabriClear MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is for FabriClear and was definitely surprised by what I learned.

The FabriClear MSDS is a report that provides all the information about FabriClear you would ever want to know. Here is what is on the FabriClear MSDS:

Composition of Active & Inert Ingredients:

- Geraniol
- Peppermint Oil
- Soybean Oil
- Citric Acid

Inert (Other)
- Water
- Polyglyceryl oleate
- Glyceryl dicaprylate

All active and inert ingredients are from EPA 25b Exempt list and are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). Components and product can be used on and around food, food crops or animal feed.

Health Hazard:

Eyes: May cause eye irritation
Skin: May cause skin irritation in rare cases.
Hypersensitivity: Not a primary skin sensitizer. Low exposure dose.
Skin Absorption: No evidence of adverse effects.
Ingestion: Non-toxic
Inhalation: Non –toxic
Systemic and other effects: No evidence of adverse effects.
Toxicity: Non-Toxic
Potential Carcinogen: No
Mutagenicity/Genotoxicity: Negative

Firs Aid Measures:

Eyes: Flush eyes with a directed stream of water for at least 15 minutes.
Skin: In rare case of skin irritation flush skin with water and wash with soap and water. If skin irritation persists consult a physician.
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Drink large quantities of liquid (milk, egg whites, gelatin solution and water).
Inhalation: Non Toxic-move patient to fresh air

The main ingredient is Geraniol. You might be wondering what that is. I was expecting it to be a chemical, but was surprised to learn that it is a powerful ingredient extracted from geranium oil through a unique refining process. It is natural and extremely effective.

This FabriClear MSDS report was very relieving to find and read. There are so many products out there that claim to be all-natural or non-toxic but end up having very harmful ingredients that in the end are not safe for adults, children, or pets. It is rare to find a product that is extremely effective without all of the harsh chemicals.

Bed bugs have a hard exoskeleton which is like a human wearing armor. It makes killing them really hard. Bed bugs also shed at least six times before they are adults. Growing a new exoskeleton and leaving the old one behind increases their survival rate. The FabriClear MSDS just goes to show that harsh chemicals aren’t needed to take care of a very hard to kill bug.

The FabriClear MSDS report took away my fear of using and exposing my family to harmful chemicals on the fabric that we sleep in, the clothes that we wear, and the furniture we use. I hope this will also leave you the peace of mind that you can protect your family against the bed bugs without compromising their health. I highly recommend taking advantage of the FabriClear Special Buy One Get One FREE Offer before it ends.

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